⎯ About ⎯

Wilber Mendoza is a digital and scenic movement artist, dance film producer and dance educator. Awarded with a Full ride artistic scholarship, he graduated from Bachelor in Dance at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico (2020). He did Art and Human studies High School with minor in Theater at Centro de Educación Artística "Miguel Cabrera", in Oaxaca, Mexico (2016).

Wilber’s work is focused on improvisation practices and dance films production. It has been presented in kNOwBOX dance Film Festival (USA, KOR, MEX 2021, 2022), CAMP_iN Encuentro Escénico (MEX, 2021), Mérida Fest (MEX 2020, 2021), Festival Yucatán Escénica (MEX, 2020 y 2021), Texas Dance Improvisation Festival (USA, 2019, 2020 y 2021), Festival Internacional VideodanzaBA (ARG, 2019) and Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual (MEX, 2019).

Mendoza’s professional training and academic formation is remarked by his participation in Jacob Jonas Digital Intensive (USA, online, 2021), GALLIM Dancing with the Camera (USA, online, 2021), Gaga Intensive in Barcelona (ESP, 2019), and PERFORMÁTICA (MEX, 2018). He has also trained at Paris Marais Dance School (FRA, 2022), Henny Jurrëns Studio (NLD, 2022), La Morada Central Creativa (MEX, 2021), Texas Woman’s University (USA, 2019) and Mime Centrum Berlin (GER, 2019).

Wilber collaborates with his network to create, perform and promote dance works for both stage and screen with Coctelito de Videodanza (MEX), Proyecto: Segundo Piso (MEX) and kNOwBOX dance (USA, KOR, MEX).

Coctelito de Videodanza
Dancefilm Festival

Wilber is Co-Director of Coctelito de Videodanza, a platform dedicated to produce, promote and distribute dance films.

Proyecto: Segundo Piso
Dance Company

Wilber has been part of Proyecto: Segundo Piso since 2018, creating, performing and touring company’s repertory in Mexico.

kNOwBOX dance
Digital Dance Company

kNOwBOX dance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts service organization that creates, collaborates, and discusses art with artists and the public.

⎯ Films ⎯
Tres de té (Three the tea)

Mexico | 2021 | 11 min


Through a white and endless blank space, the emptiness invites us to embody three characters who are guided by their inner impulses and by the minimalistic space around them...

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I don’t like the now

Mexico | 2020 | 7 min


The goofiness and the imaginary which represent our aesthetic, are embodied through movement, spoken word and visual motifs built from our present...

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We never kissed

Mexico | 2020 | 6 min


"We never kissed" was created based on dance improvisation, following the relationships: body to body, bodies to space and space to camera...

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Mexico | 2019 | 6 min


This work offers the opportunity to watch and to be part of a distorted reality in a matter of minutes, where we present contrast between the identity expression we have grown with and the one we want to live with, no boundaries, no roles...

⎯ Stage ⎯
The buffalo

Performer | Creative collaborator | Mexico | 2021


"The Buffalo" arises from an indeterminate and unpredictable set of circumstances. It arises from impossibility, longing and resistance...

A frog's story

Director | Performer | Mexico | 2021


It is said that frogs know how to swim. Between waters and swamps, this toad decides to jump. Like toads advancing, together we move forward...

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Las sillas (The chairs)

Dancer | Mexico | 2021


The Chairs is a movement project that explores architecture, lighting and objects through the body and its moods. It allows the viewer to live within the memories created by the performers and live as if it were a reality itself...

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The Max

Performer | Creative collaborator | Mexico / USA. | 2019


The Max shows the part of our long-term choreographic research to find the unconscious moment when you are in the process of moving in space...

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