Contemporary Dancer

Background Training - Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Wilber Mendoza graduated from Bachelor in Dance at Universidad de las Américas Puebla (2020). He trained in a wide diversity of modern techniques such as Mixed techniques, Horton technique, Limón technique and release. Besides, his dance education was complemented with improvisation practices, contact improvisation and korean traditional and modern dance. His technique training was guided under the tutoring of Universidad de las Américas professor faculty: Patricia Solórzano, YeaJean Choi, Ray Schwartz, Julius Brewster Cotton, Cristina Goletti and Carolina Reyes, as well as guest artist.

Wilber was awarded with a Full Ride Artistic Scholarship during his four years of Bachelor program. This scholarship is awarded to high artistic level students. He was also part of Danza UDLAP, the representative group of UDLAP, working along with national and international choreographers: Ray Schwartz, YeaJean Choi, Jordan Fuchs, Julius Brewster, Charles O. Anderson, Shannon Mockli, Lisa Kusanagi, Paulina Colmenares, Ángel Aråmbula (Lux Boreal) and Mayra Morales.

Proyecto: Segundo Piso

From 2018 to 2020, Wilber was member of Proyecto: Segundo Piso, a contemporary dance company based in San Andrés Cholula, co-directed by César Aragón, Cinthia Pérez Navarro and Diana Morales. He worked as a dancer and creative collaborator both in new creations and company repertory.

At the beginning of 2020, Proyecto: Segundo Piso collaborated with El BĂșho DJ, creating and producing the music video "Resiliencia", in which Wilber was a dancer.

On 2019 Proyecto: Segundo Piso collaborated with Areli Landeros with her project "MicrĂłpolis", where Wilber collaborated as a dancer in the showing at Laboratorio CondensaciĂłn, performing a 40 minute solo inside the museum and guiding improvisation sessions for young k-pop dancers in Mexico City.

On 2018, Wilber participated in the artistic residence with Sexton McGrath, organized by Proyecto: Segundo Piso. At the end of this residence company members performed the new creation Pulse at Teatro Municipal Ciudad Sagrada and at Teatro Principal de Puebla, Mexico.

During november of that year and in relation to DĂ­a de muertos celebration in Mexico City, Wilber was performer in Altares performativos, directed by Peter Sciocioli, Areli Landeros and MartĂ­n Lanz.

On 2016, Wilber was part of the artistic residence with Mayke van Veldhuizen, which finished with the creations of De weg, a piece that is part of Proyecto: Segundo Piso company repertory.

The Max Improv MĂ©xico

Wilber Mendoza, along with Natalia Quezada, Harumi Gallardo, Valentina RenterĂ­a and Eder Ab, assembled The Max Improv MĂ©xico to participate as Performers artist at Texas Dance Improvisation Festival 2019. They were the youngest and the only mexican performers, and the work The Max (original idea by YeaJean Choi) had a remarkable participation in the festival, which took place at University of North Texas, Denton, USA.

The Max was also performed at Teatro JuĂĄrez, Oaxaca, as part of DĂ­a Internacional de la Danza en Oaxaca program. On december 2019, this work was performer at Museo Internacional de Barroco too.