Dance improvisation

Wilber have studied, practiced and experimented several forms of dance improvisation since 2016. Movement improvisation is a very important and representative feature of his artistry. These practices are the base of his training, research and creation process.

For WIlber, improvisation practices are not only a physical practice but also a social activity, which develops and is helpful to grow and strengthen the social network and the community. Starting on May 1st, Wilber has been sharing daily morning movement researches based on improvisation. Each day he follow the Top 3 worldwide #Trendings on Twitter. Check out this process on his daily Instastories. You can see the collection here.

Wilber has been also part of local and international improvisation platforms, in which he has connected, developed and presented his improvisation work successfully.

Texas Dance Improvisation Festival

Along Natalia Quezada, Harumi Gallardo, Valentina Rentería and Eder Ab, Wilber is a member of The Max Improv México. They were selected to perform The Max (original idea by YeaJean Choi) at Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, which took place at University of North Texas, Denton, USA. They were the youngest and the only mexican performers, sharing stage with remarkable improvisation artist of USA.

During this trip, The Max Improv México was invited to join a Contact Improvisation class with Texas Woman's University professor Jordan Fuchs.

Gaga movement language

During this social distancing in Mexico, Wilber is an active participant on Gaga Dancers online sessions. Classes are taught by Gaga Teacher from Tel-Aviv and New York City.

On summer 2019, Wilber was selected to participate in Gaga Intensive in Barcelona, with Guy Shomroni and Michal Sayfan (former dancer of Batsheva Dance Company). This intensive program consisted on daily Gaga Dancers sessions, Ohad Naharin repertory and Gaga methodics, it took place at Insititut del Teatre de Barcelona, Spain. This experience nutruised and highly influenced Wilber's improvisation work, guiding him to a deeper and more honest language with his body and environment.

Contact Improvisation

Since 2016, Wilber has been joining Contact Improv Jams organized by Improvisación de Contacto Puebla at Centro Cultural Segundo Piso, Árbol Torcido espacio para las artes vivas and Centro Danza y Movimiento.

As part of his dance training at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Wilber got deeper into contact improvisation basics under the guidance of Ray Schwartz, YeaJean Choi and Patricia Solórzano.