#PrettyMeUs offers the opportunity to watch and to be part of a distorted reality in a matter of minutes, where we present contrast between the identity expression we have grown with and the one we want to love with, no boundaries, no roles.
The #pretty body, reflections, colors, brightness, textures, music and space shake on screen, questioning and staking out the #pretty and #suitable according to the binary society.

Director: Wilber Mendoza

Assistant director: Fernanda I. Durán Cruz

Musician: Da Bracamontes

Choreographer: Wilber Mendoza

Dancers: Mauricio Pichardo and Wilber Mendoza

Camera Director: Fernanda I. Durán Cruz

Camera assistant: Luisa RodrĂ­guez and Lidya Amelie Tapia Barajas

Video edition: Wilber Mendoza

Edition assistant: Claudia Franco

Make up design: Claudia Franco

Make up production: Fernanada I. Durán Cruz

Costume design: Wilber Mendoza and Fernanda I. Durán Cruz

Special thanks: Carlos Durán Alonso, Patricia Solórzano, Cecilia Durán and Natalia Quezada Shrimpton


- Lift Off Global Network - First-Time Filmmaker Sessions. Online streaming via Vimeo. March 2020. Official Selection.

- Lift-Off Global Network - The Lift-Off Sessions, Online streaming via Vimeo. March 2020. Official Selection.

- VideodanzaBA. Buenos Aires, Argentina. December 6, 2019. Official Selection

- Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual. Guadalajara, Mexico. September 7, 2019. Official Selection.

- Panoramas, Día Internacional de la Danza. Cinemateca Luis Buñuel, Puebla, Mexico. Abril 28, 2019.

- Estas no son enchiladas. Auditorio Guillermo y SofĂ­a Jenkins, Puebla, Mexico. 2019.

- Centro Cultural Segundo Piso. San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. 2019.