kNOwBOX dance

About kNOwBOX dance

"Co-created in 2018 by YeaJean Choi and Martheya Nygaard, kNOwBOX dance (NB), is a digital dance company that says NO to the BOX. The BOX symbolizes the boundaries and confines that limit connections. NB connects interdisciplinary art, technology, and artists to re-envision the process of art making and sharing. NB pursues experimental production and collaboration with other artists in order to create, discuss, and advocate for art.

NB uses the digital space and alternative formats to make, share, and connect dance related resources and people. Every Monday NB shares Evolving Laboratories, a social media feature of dance resources based on a topic of the month. In 2019 NB and team (Azaria Hogans and Reyna Mondragon) launched Dance Behind the Screen Podcast, a weekly interview series with people who have dance related careers questioning the influence of social media in dance process, production, and publicity.

Recently, NB launched kNOwBOX dance Film Festival, an international dance film festival screening films that deconstruct the body and experiment with elements within a specific site to challenge the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form."

For more information visit kNOwBOX website. Click here.


Wilber became kNOwBOX media Ambassador in 2020. Check out more information here. With this position, Wilber and kNOwBOX dance share and promote each other through social media platforms.

Along YeaJean Choi and Andrea Munive, he work in the organization of kNOwBOX dance Film Festival | Cholula, Puebla Premier, which took place in Quadrivia Cholula, in december 2019.

As part of the celebrations of the International Dance Day and collaorating with kNOwBOX dance, Wilber Mendoza along with The Max Improv México, performed The Max (idea original by YeaJean Choi) at Teatro Juárez, Oaxaca City, Mexico. This event was organized by Nómada Cuerpo en Movimiento.