Proyecto: Segundo Piso

About Proyecto: Segundo Piso

Proyecto: Segundo Piso is a contemporary dance company based on San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. It was founded on 2015 y by current artistic co-directors César Aragón, Cinthia Pérez Navarro and Diana Morales. Since then, Proyecto: Segundo Piso has been working in the creation of choreographic repertory by co-directors and guest artist.

Since its foundation, Proyecto: Segundo Piso has worked hardly to create a wide community in Cholula and Puebla, offering constant concerts in Puebla and other communities of the state. The company has toured to Tehuacán, Puebla; Guanajuato and Mexico City, Mexico.

On january 2020, Proyecto: Segundo Piso collaborated in the creation and production of a musical video for El BĂşho DJ single: Resiliencia. Choreographed by Cinthia PĂ©rez Navarro, the filming was in charge of Diana Morales and David Espinoza (El Dee). Check out the video here.

Proyecto: Segundo Piso participated as part of MicrĂłpolis by Areli Landeros. Members shared dance improvisation classes and performed at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, researched with site-specific in Los Pinos (Mexico City) and joined community walks through Mexico City and Cholula. On november 2018, they worked along Areli Landero, MartĂ­n Lanz and Peter Sciscioli in an artistic residence in Cholula, creating, researching and rehearsing to perform Altares performativos at Laboratorio Arte Alameda and Alameda Central in Mexico City, Mexico.

Proyecto: Segundo Piso had a tour on september 2019 in Tehuacán Puebla, organized by Escena Nómada. Company members taught dance classes for kids and adults, company repertory and offered four concerts at Escena Nómada Theater, Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico.

For more informations, check out Proyecto: Segundo Piso Instagram account.


Wilber was company member from 2018 to 2020. He performed in several venues in Puebla City, local communities of Puebla state and Mexico City. He worked in the artistic residencies of Areli Landeros, MartĂ­n Lanz, Peter Sciocioli, Sexton McGrath and Mayke van Veldhuizen, as well as new creations by co-directors CĂ©sar AragĂłn and Cinthia PĂ©rez Navarro.

He performed several pieces of the company repertory in different events and festivals in Puebla City, organized by State Art and Culture Department and independent organizations such as Panoramas and Casa Nueve.

Wilber was part of the following repertory works:

  • Resiliencia. Musical video. Choreography: Cinthia PĂ©rez Navarro. Music: El BĂşho. (2020)
  • MicrĂłpolis. Direction: Areli Landeros. (2019)
  • Altares performativos. Direction: Areli Landeros, MartĂ­n Lanz and Peter Sciocioli. (2018)
  • Pulse. Choreography: Sexton McGrath. (2018)
  • 6 en 9. Choreography: CĂ©sar AragĂłn. (2018)
  • Hábitat. Choreography: Cinthia PĂ©rez Navarro. (2018)
  • Over the creek. Choreography: CĂ©sar AragĂłn, Cinthia PĂ©rz Navarro and Diana Morales. (2016)